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In Honor of

jazz appreciation month

saturday april 22ND 6PM


a jazz & blues tribute to

etta james and etta jones

VOCAList: Jahwula Seapoe

BAND: press play

Hostess: Rae.dianz

Performance Reviews

"Absolutely breathtaking…captivating from start to finish, hitting the stage confidently with an innate ability to make any song her own."

"It was indeed a pleasure to work with Jahwula while planning to host her PECO sunday performance. With a crowd of 2,000+ art lovers in the room, Jahwula displayed a captive performance that kept people happy, on their feet, and having a great time. We look forward to having her return! "

MY vision

"A world where vocalists have the resources and community to fall in love with their God-given talent. "

Jasmine Jahwula Seapoe

Soulful Sunday Sessions

Soulful covers of billboard top 100 tunes from the 70s to the new millennium.

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asmine Jahwula Seapoe


A storyteller and dynamic R&B/ Neo-Soul vocalist, Jahwula, offers captivating renditions of standards and billboard top 100 tunes from the 70s to the new millennium.

A West Philadelphia native, Jahwula has studied under numerous big-name musical influences in her community while studying at the Fox School of Business at Temple University, including Lisa Willson DeNolfo, Sherry Wilson Butler, and Grammy Nominated Jazz Vocal Artist, Kate McGarry.

The singer hit the scene in 2014 with a sultry yet boastful voice, headlining her first show at The Grape Room fall of 2014. A year later, Jahwula relocated to the West Coast to further her music career, singing background vocals for local acts and winning first place in 2016 Jazz Search competition, curated by Living Jazz. Jahwula's talents led to performances on stages such as Yoshi's, Hermosa Beach Summer Series, Art + Soul Festival, The Kimmel Center, The Barnes Foundation, and the 1847 Liberian Festival.

After years of studying her many ideals, Erykah Badu, Eva Cassidy, and Mariah Carey, Jahwula began writing and released her first single Distracted. The song highlights the pros and cons of distractions and how to show ourselves grace in those moments of reflection. Jahwula is known for her tone and dynamic mic control as a vocalist. She favors rhythms and likes to improv when soloing with her knowledge of intervals.

In 2021, Jahwula began focusing on fundraising practices as an independent artist. As a result of her efforts, Jahwula received $5k+ in grant funding and won an artist residency with the Barnes Foundation and PEC. Jahwula is growing her vocal wellness endeavors, hosting vocal wellness workshops for anxious singers eager to hit the stage confidently.

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Daily Asana Yoga Studio

Daily Asana offers wellness workshops designed explicitly for vocalists who struggle with stage fright. Our programs focus on reducing anxiety, developing effective practice routines, and helping students discover and strengthen their voices. With my guidance, students will build confidence in their stage presence and feel ready to hit the stage!

Our 2-HR workshops Open Practice and Afraid to Brave teach yogic fundamentals that can reduce stage fright, enhance posture, strengthen the core, diaphragm, and pelvic floor for singers, and improve their overall practice routine.

Workshop Benefits Include:

  • Reduce Anxiety and Stage Fright
  • Create a Better Practice Routine
  • Learn New Breathing Techniques
  • Correct Singing Posture
  • Feel Empowered to Hit The Stage!

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